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Separation Anxiety in "COVID Pets"

During COVID more dogs were adopted than ever before. With their humans at home more than normal the bonds between pet and owner has also been stronger than ever. As companies start to return to the office people are going to be away from home for many hours a day and in some pets this is bound to cause some separation anxiety.

Signs of Anxiety/ Stress:


  1. Refusing treats

  2. Ears held down or to the side

  3. Pacing

  4. Tail held low or tucked, head held low, looking away or moving away

  5. Attention-seeking (jumping, pawing, licking)

  6. Trembling

  7. Vocalization.


  1. Refusing treats

  2. Head lowered

  3. Ears held to the side or back

  4. Whiskers held flat to the cheek or far forward

  5. Crouching

  6. Leaning away

  7. Swishing tail.

How You Can Help

There are a few key things you can do to help your pet feel less stress. Making sure they get enough physical exercise, mental stimulation, down time and social interactions.

Also, keeping your pet on a consistent routine will help with their anxiety as well.

How We Can Help

Our team of Professional Pet Sitters / Professional Dog Walkers in Apex, Fuquay Varina and Holly Springs can come by in the middle of your work day to give your pet the attention and exercise they need. We offer a variety of services to meet the physical needs of your dog. Our walkers are punctual, reliable and will treat every animal like their own. Let us help you ease the stress of going back into the office!

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