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Keep Pets Safe in the Cold Weather

As temperatures have turned to record lows you may be wondering how your pet is going to handle it and some tips for keeping them safe.

  1. First rule of thumb, remember if it is cold for you it is cold for them. Especially depending on your pet's breed. Small, short haired and elderly dogs should be watched with extra caution in the cold. Leaving dogs outside for too long can cause serious complications and death. Bring those babes inside!

2. When returning from walks towel dry your pet's stomach and paws. Also check their paw pads for any cuts/ tears / irritants.

3. The warm air of your house in contrast to the cold air outside can cause dry, flakey skin in your dog. During times like this it is best to avoid any extra bathing if possible as to not exacerbate this dry skin issue.

4. Pets burn extra energy in the cold so upping their food intake during this time can help make sure they are getting the calories they need.

5. Antifreeze is toxic to pets so be sure that any spills from your car are quickly cleaned up.

6. Speaking of cars, if you warm your car up before getting in be sure to check underneath for some outdoor cats that might have been looking for a spot to warm up.

7. As temperatures dip below 45 degrees some cold adverse breeds will start getting uncomfortable. When things dip below 32 degrees that is when the sweaters and booties need to come out!

If you are anything like me you avoid going out in the cold like the plague. Good thing we have a great team of professional dog walkers who will bundle up and boot up ready to take your dog on their normal walk. Keeping your dog on a consistent schedule through the snow / cold can be tricky but we would love to help!

We are professional dog walkers and pet sitters in Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina and Apex.

Reach out today! 919.355.6554.

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