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Puppy Training Tips

That puppy you got for Christmas is more work than you thought, huh?

Puppies are adorable but they are work. work. work.

The great thing about puppies is that you get to be a part of their whole life so you can play a major role in shaping who your dog becomes.

As young as 7 to 8 weeks puppies can learn basic commands like sit and stay. However, they do have short attention spans so don't overdue it!

Crate training is also important to start early. Like a baby, your dog will thrive on a schedule. Giving them some down time in the crate will be a great way for your puppy to get used to it and get some much needed rest. Never use the crate as a punishment, we want the dog to like their crate!

Socializing your puppy is vital at a young age. Taking the dog around various people, places and other animals will set them up for success.

Potty training the dog is often top priority for owners. The best way to help this is the frequency of bathroom breaks. As cold, rainy or annoying it may be your dog's little bladder needs relief every couple of hours. (My Furry Godmother can certainly help with this by doing drop in visits for quick bathroom breaks!)

The biggest key to puppy training is consistency. A little bit each day goes a long way. Also, patience will wain but remember the bigger goal, a life long companion. Don't give up!! Ask for help from professionals if you need a resource!

My Furry Godmother offers dog walking services for new puppies and seasoned dogs in Apex, Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina. Reach out today if we can be of service!

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