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A Sneak Peak Into Our Meet and Greet

When you schedule dog walking services or vacation pet sitting visits you will have a complimentary meet and greet with the assigned sitter.

We have two main goals in mind:

  1. Make this process as easy as possible for you

  2. Ensure both human and pet(s) are extremely comfortable before leaving

Our sitters will work with your schedule to come meet you and your pets at your convenience. After initial hello's we will begin to cover the important questions about care.


  1. Where is the food kept?

  2. What schedule do the pets eat on?

  3. Do they eat freely or should we pick up the bowl at the end of the visit?

  4. Wet or dry food?

  5. How much do they eat at each visit?

  6. Any tips for if the pet is refusing food while their human is away?

  7. What treats do they love most?

  8. Do they have a sensitive stomach to anything in particular?


  1. Do the pets go on walks? How far? A certain path they like?

  2. Do they enjoy fetch in the back yard?

  3. Would they prefer just snuggles on the couch?

  4. Any specific toys the pet(s) specifically love?

  5. Does your dog benefit from being physically exhausted?

  6. How does your dog respond to mental exertion?


  1. What specific medications are they on?

  2. Dosage and care instructions?

  3. Does the pet take it easily? Any tricks to help?


  1. What are your ideal time frames for us to come visit?

  2. Where are the leash / treats/ food/ poop bags kept?

  3. How will we get into the house? Alarm?

  4. Any household chores we could help with? (Mail, trash cans, watering plants?)

  5. Location of cleaning supplies in case of an accident?

  6. In case of emergency who should we contact / what vet should we visit?

At My Furry Godmother we are professional pet sitters who take you and your pet extremely seriously. We want to make sure we are providing the best care possible. We our thorough, loving and strive to exceed expectations. We are not just your neighborhood pet sitting service. We are insured, bonded and this is our JOB!

My Furry Godmother offers midday dog walking and pet sitting visits to Apex, Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina. Let our professional dog walkers and professional pet sitters come meet your fur babies!

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